Dancing In Light ~ A new beginning

My first post in my new blog! Some of you will know that Dancing in Light has been a labour of love for a little while now, which I thought had reached a crazy climax in November when I was awarded a Fellowship by the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) in Fine Art Portraiture.  Little did I know at the start of the New Year that I would have five days to get together everything that was required to be a contributor in my first ever exhibition!

I have spent this week in a bit of a whirl. Monday saw me heading to London with my portfolio to meet with Irena at Made in Greenwich Gallery and Meeting Place to see whether my work might be suitable for inclusion in their first exhibition of the year, Dance & Movement. Two hours later and with an order for 22 pieces, I left on cloud 9, only to realise what an enormous task I had just taken on when I started to compile a list of the things I would need to do. Aside from the printing, mounting and framing to organise, there were also new business cards, stickers for the packaging and a catalogue to design. And a website. And now that I’m doing that I also need to remember to create a new Facebook page and Twitter account, all before Monday. Which sounds simple, but I need to drive to London later today to deliver my car load of frames and tomorrow I am at a wedding fair all day. Anyone want to keep me supplied with coffee overnight?!